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Малиновий Мотиваційний Марафон

Malina Motivation UA

Vietnam - Poland International Foundation

Aero Przasnysz EPPZ Dariusz Barłożek

We are convinced that natural desire for freedom is also yours. We believe that you understand freedom, like us, as the opposite of slavery, war, violence, hypocrisy, and peace not only as a state against war, but also as a state of mind, that you are sensitive to any injustice resulting from any kind of coercion: physical , mental, social, state and moral.

Setting out on a cruise around the world on board a luxury yacht, we want to draw public attention to the fact that the fortunes of the greats of this world should also be spent on the fight for peace, for freedom, that the desire for freedom should be the main driving force of humanity, and the love of freedom should be seen as the fundamental feature of humanity, because enslavement is the end, death, not being every human being.


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